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Família antiga, originária da Galícia Espanhola, cujo solar, a Vila dos Andrade fica entre Puente Deume, Farol e Vilalba. Por vontade dos Reis Católicos e em especial o Rei Dom Henrique II , fez de Dom Fernão Peres de Andrade o 1º Conde de Vilalba, senhor de muitas terras em Portugal e na Ilha da Madeira,   o Brasão de Armas lhe foi concedido em 28-11-1.485

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Genealogical tree of the Andrades  

Summary up dated as of November 2, 2000               

According to the latest obtained information it is known that: 

The oldest located Andrade relative is Dr. Antônio Januário Lopes Andrade, who was married with Francisca de Paula Ramos Andrade. Among others, they had a son named Henrique Andrade

Henrique Andrade was born on March 23, 1856 at the city of Silveiras in the State of São Paulo - Brazil. He was baptized at the Parish of Our Lady of Conceição in Silveiras on May 28, 1856. 

Henrique Andrade was a government employee exercising the duties of “solicitor”  that is, a layer’s assistant. 

He was married in first nuptials at the Parish of The Assumption of Our Lady in São Paulo on May 26, 1883 with Amélia Belém Rebouças, widow of Braz Rebouças Lemes. Amélia died in unknown date. From this first marriage there were no children born.  

Henrique Andrade married in second nuptials on July 25, 1891 at the capital of São Paulo with Maria da Conceição Maia who became Maria Maia de Andrade. 

Henrique Andrade died in São Paulo at the age of 63 on June 3, 1919.  

 Maria Maia de Andrade was born on July 13, 1873 at Bragança Paulista a city in the state of São Paulo – Brazil Her nickname was " Dona Mariquinhas ", she was daughter of Inocêncio Augusto da Silveira Maia and  Thereza Fernandina Maia. Maria Maia was an excellent cook and an expert knitting having even published a book under the title: “My Book of Tricot" 

Maria Maia died in São Paulo at the age of 78 on February 9, 1952 

Henrique Andrade and Maria Maia Andrade had two children:

Henrique Andrade Filho and Paulo Andrade. 

Henrique Andrade Filho was born in the city of São Paulo on February 18, 1893. He was graduated in 1918 and received his degree in electrical engineering by the Politécnica School of Engineering of the São Paulo State University. On this same year he was invited by the president of the Light Company, Dr. Edgar de Souza, who had been his teacher at the Pòlitécnica School, to work at the Light Company where he worked for about 40 years until retiring. At Light he reached one of the highest level in the organization being in charge of all generation and distribution systems of electrical energy in São Paulo. He made several overseas study trips and published several technical papers. He was able to speak fluently English and French and had good knowledge of Greek and Latin. He had an extensive general culture and as a general rule he always had answers for many arisen questions. 

Even after retired, he continued to work as consultant of Uselpa, another company of generation and distribution of electrical energy. He was the author and executioner of the first project of illumination of the racetrack of theJockey Club of São Paulo. He was several times nominated official appraiser on technical subjects in juridical processes. He was an indefatigable worker, he died on one Sunday but on the Wednesday that preceded his death he was still finishing a work for Uselpa. 

Henrique Andrade Filho married on September 27, 1921 with Nair Bittencourt Camargo that started to sign Nair de Camargo Andrade.

Henrique Andrade Filho died in São Paulo, at the age of 70 on October 13, 1963. 

Nair de Camargo Andrade was born in São Paulo on September 27, 1900. 

She became orphan of mother at the age of five and lost her father one year later. She was sponsored by her grandmother Maria Athayde Bittencourt and raised as a full time resident in a school run by nuns in the city of Itu where she stayed until the age of 18. 

She married Henrique at the age of 21. She was considered a youth of a rare type of beauty (very white skins, very black hair, green eyes).

 Nair died at the age of 75 on April 3, 1976. 

Henrique and Nair had 3 children: Carlos Henrique, Maria Lúcia and Ricardo Henrique. 

Paulo Andrade was born in São Paulo in 1896. he was graduated as Chemical and during many years he was the technical responsible for the products of the Laboratório Andromaco.  Paulo married Angelina in…and separated 5 years later. 

Paulo died at the age of 65 on January 22, 1961 

Paulo and Angelina had a son Paulo Alcides 


To aid of lawyer, enabled by law to request in judgment or to promote the course of the actions, with several legal restrictions. 

Light Abbreviation of " The San Paulo Tramway Light and Power Co.Ltda ".  A Canadian company that during many years was the concessionaire of the public services of transport in trams, generation and distribution of electrical energy in São Paulo.